I’m Cat, the founder of Escape Running. I’m an endurance runner who loves travelling, foodie stuff (well, you could just say eating but that doesn’t have quite the same ring) and collecting race medals. I can generally be found outdoors, running around London (or cycling) and planning my next big race trip away.

I’ve spend years travelling the world running races with my partner. To date, I’ve run nearly 30 events, including 20+ marathons and over 10 ultras, and have a massive wealth of knowledge about combining travel and running – seeing the world from the perspective of a runner really is the best thing ever!

I’m really interested in all things science, have a degree in human genetics, and am currently training to be a nurse. What this means in relation to my coaching is that I’m passionate about evidence-based research and have a very finely-tuned bullshit detector when it comes to sports and nutrition-related performance claims.

I coach on the side and am a UK Athletics qualified leader in running fitness and personal trainer.